Connect With Our Staff

Bill Beckett

Bill Beckett, President & CEO

"Good companies are built with people at all levels who are fairly compensated, experienced and well trained. To achieve greatness, workers must be provided a comfortable work environment in which they feel well respected, are able to advance their career expectations and where ideas for improvement are shared and received in a receptive and collegial manner".
Emily Beckett

Emily Beckett, Vice President, Operations

"When a customer engages CHRYSPAC for a project, we become a ’partner ’ in their success. Our goal is to seamlessly blend our services into our customers´ supply chain which means being responsive to their requirements, providing competitive pricing, excellent service and on-time delivery".
Yolanda James

Yolanda James, Production Coordinator

"We live and breathe quality here at CHRYSPAC. Turning around a job quickly is our specialty".
Rosa Caraveo

Rosa Caraveo, Production Supervisor

"When a customer needs something in a hurry, 'yes' is my favorite answer".