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CHRYSPAC is more than just a service provider, our customers find real solutions!
about pic CHRYSPAC provides quality inspection, sorting and value added assembly, packaging and kitting services, however, our greatest value is found the in the manner by which we manage relationships and work creatively with our customers to find solutions to fit their individual needs.

CHRYSPAC supports a variety of businesses which includes manufacturers, distributors, printers, and packagers for a number of industries, including the automotive, health care, electric and gas utility, military defense, textile, aerospace and computer electronics.

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Our Mission...

is to provide uniquely responsive and proactive professionally managed services which seamlessly integrate with customer requirements. CHRYSPAC accomplishes this mission by employing a professionally managed team of people, providing fair compensation and benefits in a work environment that encourages individual respect, team building, innovation, creativity and personal pride in providing quality customer service. CHRYSPAC offers customers a convenient opportunity to lower production overhead costs and make better use of their human and capital resources.

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Our Staff

team pic CHRYSPAC employs a flexible workforce to accommodate the ebb and flow of customer demands and provides in-house training, supervision and company supported benefits. We employ lean manufacturing techniques and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards to achieve cost effectiveness and exceptional quality. Our team pictured above from our 2022 company picnic received awards for outstanding leadership and performance.

Chryspac Organization Chart

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Organization Chart

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Chryspac Facility

Our Facility...

is a modern 33,000 square foot facility located in Airport Business Park "Aerotropolis District". The plant is situated immediately west of Mitchell International Airport, is easily accessible to I-94, has six loading docks, is clean, well-lighted, well maintained and offers flexible space for customizing projects in an efficient manner.
About Us


is critical to CHRYSPAC which is ISO 9001:2015 certified, utilizes detailed work instructions, training, daily audits and customer reporting in its procedures under the standard.



CHRYSPAC is a small business and certified by the US Veterans Administration as owned by a service disabled US Army veteran.