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Chryspac Office

Chryspac Office

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About our Services

Our services are flexible and tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. CHRYSPAC embraces in-house training and development of its employees and utilizes detailed work instructions and conducts on-going audits of all work.

These services include:

  • Assembly

    Light Assembly

    Assembling parts of a larger component or product made up of a number of components. May be completely by hand or require mechanical tools.

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  • Re-working


    Repairing parts, components, assemblies or products which do not require formal training or extensive experience. May or may not require use of mechanical or electrical tools, devices or materials.

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  • Sorting


    Usually associated with Quality Inspecting to separate unacceptable items from those determined to be acceptable or repairable during inspection.

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  • Kitting


    Is akin to packaging and is the process of collecting any number of different parts and placing them into single packages or containers.

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  • Fulfillment


    Service entails holding inventories of material and shipping to order on a “just-in-time” regular or periodic basis. Inventories are managed as required to maintain sufficient levels for completing orders on time, but minimizing product investment and storage costs.

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  • Warehousing


    Storage space, shipping and receiving services are provided for intermediate to small volumes of material.

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  • Inpecting

    Quality Inspecting

    Visually reviewing, testing or measuring individual parts, components, sub-assemblies or completed products for errors which may interfere with its fit, function, utilization, performance and safety, cosmetic or esthetic appearance.

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  • Packaging


    Activity of placing parts, fluid or dry materials or products into containers for transport, storage or display. Methods and packaging materials are determined by customer and may be paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or metal.

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